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One of the best solutions for safe piano moving is to contact us today and have our professionals safely ship your upright spinet, harp, or guitar to you. When we are renting our vans, we carefully pack the instruments so they are safe and sound when the van is filled with them. We take extra precautionary measures to make sure no one gets hurt in the process as well. With this service, you are guaranteed that your instrument will arrive safely to your new home.

Best Piano Movers in Flossmoor, Illinois

It is important to mention that if you do not want to move your precious musical instrument by crating, there are ways to prevent damage to the instrument as well. Some precautions include never storing your pianos in damp areas, never dragging them around, and never storing them on uneven surfaces. As much as possible, avoid dropping your instruments on hard surfaces such as shelves. Remember, pianos are fragile and can be easily damaged if they drop down.

Best Piano Movers in Flossmoor, Illinois

Some people find it beneficial to hire a professional piano mover for the relocation process. Hiring professionals can help you save time, money, and stress. However, before hiring someone to move your instrument, make sure they have experience in the moving and packing process. A reputable company should quote a reasonable moving and packing charge along with a reasonable price for the overall move.

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First of all, trying to move a piano without professional help is dangerous. This holds true for all of the heavier items, but a piano is not only heavy – it’s huge and difficult to carry around. There is a lot that can go awry when trying to move it. First, you might hurt yourself – or your friends can be hurt while trying to lift it and carry it. If there is anyone with weak legs, knees or a history of back injury – they should be out of this process! Without a proper lifting technique – or the right equipment, not only can you get hurt – but you can hurt your furniture and home as well. Dropping a piano can easily damage a floor – or a wall if you bump into it. What’s more, think about how expensive was to get that piano. If you damage it during transport, you will have to repair it. These repairs are also very expensive, and sometimes you won’t even be able to do anything about the damages! So, in the end, paying for professional piano movers Alsip might be easier than having to pay for anything that goes wrong during the move.

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